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Hiawatha GaGa Ball Pit 2024
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Hiawatha Ag 2024
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Hiawatha Kindness Club 2024
Hiawatha Cat Toys 2024
Hiawatha solar 2024
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Hiawatha Sign
Welcome To

Hiawatha Elementary School

603 Emmons St Hiawatha, IA 52233 | 319-558-2172


A message from our principal


Welcome to Hiawatha Elementary. Our vision is to meet the needs of Every Child Every Day. We believe it is essential to that vision that we hold to the following guiding values: Community, focus and urgency.

We believe we work best in community, meaning that our staff, students, and families build a healthy empathy for and collaboration with one another. Therefore we place a high value on working together strategically and compassionately on behalf of every child.

We believe we work best when we confidently pursue and focus on ideas which have the greatest impact on students. Therefore we place a high value on purposefully investing time on the precise implementation of high-leverage practices.

We believe our work should be pursued with the utmost urgency. Therefore we place a high value on the daily, urgent coordination of instruction which allows every student to make maximum progress during their time with us.

Stephen Probert

Points of Pride

310 students

14 languages spoken in our schools

1:1 personal devices for all students

64 dedicated staff